Dealing With Religions

Currently I am reading “Das Buch der Deutschen” [The book of the Germans]. This book contains many written records of Germans and Non-Germans that describe who and how we Germans are, and how as well as why we got to where we are today.

For some reasons I found the first law records and political testaments quite interesting. Today the political testament of Friedrich II. der Große caught my special attention. It contains remarkable statements about how politics should relate to religions. I recommend some contemporary politicians, journalists, and atheist fellowers to study that text before expressing or publishing any statements and drawings about religions. My advice is based on the following excerpt that I’ll try to translate to English as good as I can:

[...] Getting to the bottom of all religions they’re based on a more or less absurd system of fables. It is impossible, that a human with sanity and reason, analyzing these things, does not catch the wrongness. But these prejudices, these errors, and these miraculous stories are made for people, and you ought to be considerate of the rank and file so far to not infringe on their religious feelings, no matter what religion they belong to.[...]

On this note “freedom of expression” clearly has limits: The limit of respect and dignity. Every one of us no matter what religion or if of no religion has the power to make this world a peaceful place or not. Even a monarch of the 18th century knew that already.

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